Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nerdholes at the PFL!

I have been to most of the major sporting event in the city of Toronto (except the TFC); I've been to Jays games at Exhibition Stadium and the Skydome and the Skydome rebranded Rogers Center. I have sat three rows up from the visitors box in platinum seats for a Leafs game. I have nearly fallen asleep at a Argos game and I was at the first ever Raptors game in the ACC.

I've also been to a ton of wrestling events in Toronto and surrounding areas. Indy shows, big house shows, small house shows, tv taping's for both Raw and Smackdown.

I say this not to brag but to show that when I saw that witnessing PFL 30 last night was more fun then 90% of those past events.

For those who aren't sure what I'm talking about, the PFL is a Toronto based Pillow Fight League.

Yes pillow fighting.

Now I know what you're saying, "Oh Brent and a couple of the guestholes went to a ripper bar and saw to chicks go at it and then make out."

Not at all.

The PFL has been running in Toronto (and other areas) since 2005 ish and while many of the women are certainly attractive (Carmen me) that isn't the point. Falling somewhere in between UFC, WWE and roller derby, the pfl is a shitload of fun to watch.

I made my journey to The Mod Club (is it bad that every time I think of the Mod Club, I think of it's owner and then I think of this ) along with Guesthole #3 Alex Krueger and eventual Guesthole Gavin Whitehead.

The set up was a little smaller then what I thought it was going to be. We proceeded to hit the bar and find seats or should I say stools. At which point the guys just slightly in front of us start telling us about how much fun it is and the brutality of the sport. The guys sitting in front of us had also been to quite a few shows, one gentleman had even been a judge on a few occasions.

Drove the anticipation up a little. It was also good to see that our friends at Bite TV were also very present at the event with members of TheWingMen and The Surf cast a crew floating around including a friend to TATANS, Jason Agnew (host of The Surf, Convetntioneers and producer on a ton of stuff at Bite) who stopped by quickly to say hello.

And then the show began.

Two things I was not prepared for.

1) The amount women in attendance.

2) How much athleticism goes into these fights.

These girls go at each other hard. There is no mercy...there are rules that you can find at the site but no mercy.

The thing of it is, as long as you use the pillow, most moves are legal. Take downs, elbows, are all good. And man are they used. Even saw one girl manage a fireman's carry.

Beyond that, it was a fell put together show. The PFL has the right amount of story, pillow fights and venue (at least this night, I have yet to see them at another location) and crew that make it that awesome. The announcer, Dan Lovranski is an old school wrestling fan (and co-host of Live Audio Wrestling ) and brings a lot to the proceedings as does Comissioner Stacey P. Case (great handle by the way).

If you are ever in Toronto when the PFL is running an event, I highly recommend checking it out. Next time I'm bringing more friends.


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ACFTM said...

Neat. I've never heard of the Pillow Fight League. So I went and watched a few youtube videos, lol. I wonder if the pillows are soft. =P