Monday, December 31, 2012

Mystery Asshole Theatre #11 - Star Wars - Part 6

The final part of this spectacular is far easier to comprehend if you watch all 6 episodes in one sitting, and maintain sobriety through the first 3 episodes.  You will probably make just as much sense as we did during the final film.


Download Mystery Asshole Theatre #11 - Star Wars - Part 6

Mystery Asshole Theatre #11 - Star Wars - Part 5

Unfortunately, 2012 has been the years of delayed and limited content rather than a year of evolving techniques, as we had hoped it to be.  Due to various life events with both of the Two Assholes, recording episodes has become increasingly difficult, even after we had figured out how we could accomplish it without being in the same physical location.  This led to a lack of content, and the failure of some plans which we had previously developed.

However, we have both reaffirmed our commitment to this podcast (primarily because we just like doing it so damn much), and resolved to deliver far more content in 2013, including both podcast episodes and more Mystery Asshole Theatre episodes (including another lofty project, which we will discuss once we have confirmed further details).  In order to start it off with a bang, however, we have to clear out the back catalogue, and provide you with the final two parts of the Star Wars spectacular.  Hopefully, you will consider these episodes to have been worth the wait.  I can't really say whether they should be or not, because the last two movies were kind of a blur.  We hit the sauce pretty hard to make up for our sobriety through the first three films.

Download Mystery Asshole Theatre #11 - Star Wars - Part 5