Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gorillaz documentry

As a fan of the show, you've probably realised I am a huge music geek along with the rest of my nerdish interests. One of the best "bands" to come out England in the last 20 years (yes better then Blur, Oasis and I dare say better then The Smiths..yeah better then the Smiths, suck on it Morrisey) is Gorillaz.

For those of you who haven't caught on, ie you live under a rock or perhaps say hello to Osama every morning when you both come out of your caves to get a few minutes of sunlight, Gorillaz are an animated band. They've toured, played with Madonna at the grammys in what was just awesome to try and figure out how the hell they did it. But I've always wondered about what goes on behind the cartoons.

We've always known about the creators Damon Alburn and Jamie Hewlett (which is an odd thing for me as I was never a big fan of Alburn's Blur, I was a big fan of Hewlett's Tank Girl) are behind most of the music and experimenting with anyone they can get their hands on.

I mean anyone.

Past contributors to Gorillaz albums include (takes a deep breath): Miho Hatori (Chibo Mato), Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), Dan The Automator (DJ, Producer), Del the Funkee Homosapian (hip hop artist), Neneh Cherry (singer), Dennis Hopper (actor), Ike Turner ( known for his days with Tina) and a crap load more.

And that's only the music side, it's not even including everyone who works on the animated side.

I've always wondered how they go about putting together albums.

Well I wonder no more.

Babelgum which appears to be an Internet video site of some sort is premiering for the month a documentary on the behind the scene of Gorillaz appropriately named: Bananaz

It's really interesting and the music rocks.

Check it out at


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