Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery Asshole Theatre #11 - Star Wars - Part 1

Well, loyal listeners, the Two Assholes, and all of the Guestholes sat down and took on just about the largest commentary project that we could possibly have managed, the entire Star Wars saga. We sat down one fine Saturday, and churned our way through all 6 core movies, and to top it all off, we did it in one sitting, with only minimal breaks between films.

It was a monumental undertaking, and it really started to break down during the last two movies, but we did it, and it's finally time that we shared it with you. For ease of your listening pleasure, it's been divided into 6 parts, so that you don't necessarily have to watch all 6 movies along with us in one sitting. Trust me though, you'll understand where we were coming from much much better if you do.