Friday, December 24, 2010

Mystery Asshole Theatre Xmas Special 2010 - Star Wars Holiday Special

Despite the lack of content in the last few months (which is primarily a result of my work schedule being spectacularly busy, and then further compounded by some medical issues which knocked me out the past week or so), we are always ready, willing, and able to deliver a Xmas special for all of you Nerdlets and Nerdlettes out there (whether naughty or nice).

In truth, these Xmas specials seem to be more our cross to bear, as our track record thus far has us doing only the most awful holiday specials imaginable. So, this year, we decided to prepare a special commentary track to the Star Wars Holiday Special, the one piece of Star Wars canon so awful that George Lucas refuses to give it a commercial release. Instead, we have to rely on VHS copies (now digitized) from the original broadcast in 1978.

So, endure the pain with us, after you've gone to the store to rent your copy, and have an enjoyable December holiday of your preference.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Take Flight dvd release

Hey friends, just want to give you all an update on a project by a good friend of our show. Juliet Landau's documentary on Gary Oldman making a video for a Jewish hip hop band has made it's way to dvd. As I reviewed in a previous blog post, the doc is a rather interesting look at both Oldman as an artist and Landau as a director. And maybe if we Canadians buy enough copies, maybe she'll come for a visit.

If you happen to be in LA this weekend, Ms. Landau is doing a signing, screening and release party at Meltdown Comics. Might be worth the trip down...especially considering our situation with snow.

To order the dvd please go here