Monday, July 27, 2009

BMTAA #4 Orgasmo

I am a little conflicted about this one. The name of the column is Bad Movies That Are Awesome but does a movie that sets out to be a low budget and slightly bad count?

Then on the other hand it's my column so I'll do whatever I want. ;)

Orgasmo is the story of a Mormon named Joe Young (played by writer/director Trey Parker). All Joe wants to do is find a way to raise enough memory so he can marry his fiance, Lisa, at the Temple in Salt Lake City.

And he finds that way by being in porn.

But not just any porn, superhero porn where he plays Orgasmo, a superhero with a ray gun (the Orgazmorator) that causes you to overload on orgasms.

Joe even manages to get around doing the actual sex scenes by getting a film double known as a "stunt cock".

And he even gets a sidekick named Choda Boy (who has a dildo on his head).

Eventually Lisa finds out and leaves Joe so he decides to quit porn.

But director Maxxx Orbison has other ideas. Orgasmo becomes too popular to let Joe go. Maxxx (I love how his name has the triple x) kidnaps Lisa.

Now in the meantime Choda Boy has invented a real Orgazmorator and he and Joe set about freeing Lisa.

This movie is low budget and awesome.

Now unless you've been living in a cave, you probably thought Trey Parker's name sounded familiar. Yes it is the South Park guy, Matt Stone is also in here as Dave the Camera Guy. The sense of humor is very similar. And they also got a lot of porn people (like Ron Jeremy) involved in cameos or small parts.

And for the record, Jeremy's character's character in the "Orgasmo" movies is called Jizzmaster Zero.

This movie also uses it's low budget for the comedy. The demise of Jeremy's character for instance. He head gets punched threw. But's obviously a fake head. Parker holds on it long enough so you know it's a bad fake head but that somehow makes it funnier.

Not to mention the theme song "Now You're a Man" which is incredibly catchy in that 80's action movie theme song way.

But wait, there's more!

The dvd for this has extra laughs with the commentary tracks. The first features the main cast and crew watching the movie and getting hammered...and if you've listened to our Monster Squad commentary, you know that is always good for a laugh. But the second commentary is even better.

It starts off with a few members of the crew and cast who weren't in the first commentary and then slowly progresses to people who had nothing to do with the film including Weird Al, Dave Foley from The Kids in the Hall, Kevin Smith (via his phone) and dead director John Huston.

Yup...apparently Trey Parker knows how to get dead people to do commentaries.

Definitely worth a watch.

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Walt said...

Thank you. I forgot all about this movie, it was a hoot(er).:) Time to take it off the shelf and watch it again.