Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mystery Asshole Theatre #2 - The Monster Squad

From way back in the vault, the Two Asshole and Guests continue their commentary tracks by taking a whack at The Monster Squad.

This is a lesser known 80's movie, but is still available on DVD. As such, it's likely to be available at your local video rental shop.

Seriously, these tracks don't make a great deal of sense unless you're watching the movie. We'll wait, just go get it, pop it in, and put this audio track on. We'll tell you when to start playing the DVD, and we try to describe what's going on every so often in case you happen to be mistimed.

It should be noted that this episode was recorded immediately after doing the commentary for The Goonies. So, where during Goonies, we went from sober to inebriated, in Monster Squad, we go from inebriated to even more inebriated. You have been warned.

Download Mystery Asshole Theatre - Episode 2

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Walt said...

After listening to your Monster Squad MAT #2. I was thinking perhaps Fearless Vampire Killers would be a good one for MAT or review.