Friday, July 24, 2009

Tron Legacy mini arg leads to AWESOME!

Hey guys, San Diego Comic Con is up and in full swing as I type this and I of course am watching it like a hawk for cool news.

As you loyal listeners know, I love Tron. It's unhealthy love but I love it none the less. You also know I'm excited by the fact that TRON 2 now being called TRON Legacy

About a week ago I was alerted to a website apparently in the new movie, Kevin Flynn disappeared but not everyone thinks he's dead. This site was part of a mini ARG. I say mini because at the current moment, I'm not sure there is more to this then what happened next.

Flynn Lives had a countdown clock that ended at July 23, 2009, 9:30pm. At which point in the terms and uses section of the site, an address showed up in San Diego. a bunch of people went there and what should be there and soon lit up in the glorious 80's neon?

Flynn's Arcade!

This was a big set piece in the original TRON. Flynn had his own arcade, stocked with the games he created along with air hockey, pool tables, etc.

Now I would have forgiven Disney and the film makers and the ARG people handling this, if the arcade had only arcade machines from the era, like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, etc.

But no, these guys took it that one step further. Inside the arcade had working Space Paranoid machines! The game Flynn had created in the film.

God I hope Toronto gets something like this. I should point out while I think this may have been the major reveal of the ARG, a new website has popped up.

Check out the video down below to see what I mean.

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