Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey everyone! Well if you've listened to the Ghostbusters podcast you may have noticed we have announced a contest of sorts.

We are trying to get base player extraordinaire Melissa Auf der Maur on the show.

What we want you guys to do is go to Ms Auf der Maur's website (which we will list below) and ask her to come on our show.

First one to do it will win dinner at Fan Expo with the Assholes. We will pay for your dinner and a drink or two. How you get fan expo is your own problem.

You must also be nice. Any comments that are mean, derogatory, filled with cussing will be disqualified.

There will also be a second place prize that will be chosen randomly from all the comments, so if you aren't the first you still might be able to win free stuff.

You can find her at:


Guestholes are not illegible


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Walt said...

Hi Guys,

Just sent off an email to your favorite bass player. I hope she ends up on your show. Here are two websites you may want check out.
Some funny stuff,especially Dick farts the polka.