Monday, August 23, 2010

Mystery Asshole Theatre #9 - Road House

Since you can't spell "Ridiculously macho 80's movie" without "Patrick Swayze", it also stands to reason that you can't spell "4th booster shot of pure man-dom" without "Road House". We really only wish that we had the balls to challenge that logic, but since we don't, in order to keep injuries at a minimum, we sat down to do a commentary to Road House.

You can't get much more manly than a bouncer who gets to arbitrarily decide on his own job title, and whose response to stabbings, punches, and douche-clown-tacular behaviour of all sorts is to just walk it off.

The best we can do is to watch him do his thing. So, sit back, grab a copy of Road House from your mom's collection, and enjoy the machismo.

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