Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Episode 26

In order to ensure that August, 2010 is the most content-filled month that the Two Assholes will ever have, here's another episode.

This time, we need to look way back to the beginning of the convention season in Toronto, when the Two Assholes sat down at Anime North 2010 with special guest Ashley "Cumslot" MacDonald to share our experiences of the con thus far, and the rest which was still to come.

One would normally think that it would constitute a significant delay to not post until August an episode recorded in May, but we're still beating the Anime Roundtable to air. Be sure to tell Mike how much you want to hear the Anime Roundtable episode recorded the same night as this episode.

Also, since Ashley didn't fulfill her duties as charged, we need some input from our listeners. As punishment for her failure, do we A) Refer to her only as "Cumslot" again, B) Give her an even worse name, or C) Give her one final chance to redeem herself? Let us know what you think in the Comments.

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