Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mystery Asshole Theatre #8 - Highlander 2: Director's Cut

The barrage of Man Month machismo continues this week with another hefty dose of Vitamin Awesome.

This time, the Two Assholes and a complement of Guestholes sit down to view and expound upon Highlander 2: Director's Cut. For those of you who remember how batshit insane the plot to the original cut of Highlander 2 was, you'll be pleased to know that the director realized it as well. As such, this edition was recut (and some dialogue changed via voiceover) to eliminate the entire alien subplot, and just turn it into a film about decapitating people in the most creative ways possible.

Really, the creative decapitation is the only reason why this movie qualified for Man Month. So, head out and find a cheapo DVD version of this film (as we could not find a store to rent this one from), and join us for the machismo.

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Anonymous said...

Did I hear right that you recorded a Dune Commentary?! I have been looking for one for a long time. I can't wait for that. I'd prefer one that was researched and wasn't overly humorous, but I like your style so far since there does seem to be some research.