Monday, August 30, 2010

Mystery Asshole Theatre #10 - The Street Fighter

Unfortunately, the time has now come to draw Man Month 2010 to a close. Sadly, there must always come a time when we must cease eating bricks and waxing our mustaches, and return to the real world, scraggly and wussy as it may be.

Before that, however, the Two Assholes (and Guesthole #1) have decided to give you one final dose of Vitamin Awesome in the form of a commentary track for the 1974 Sonny Chiba classic, The Street Fighter. Notice the "The", there. This is most assuredly none of the two-bit pieces of garbage licensed from the 16-bit classic video game. This is 1000MBit of pure, ridiculous karate (from Japan, not China) action shoved straight down your collective pie-holes (and any other holes you may choose to shove it down).

Unfortunately, you're likely going to have to spend a significant amount of time looking for a store to rent this beast of a film from, but when you do, you'll be glad the Two Assholes sent you. So sit down with some scrap metal and motor oil, and enjoy the conclusion of Man Month.

Download Mystery Asshole Theatre #10 - The Street Fighter


Zarban said...

I can't seem to download this... Both the iTunes feed and the direct link seem to hang.

Adam said...

That's strange...

Re-uploaded and tested it again in any event. The web and iTunes should work now.

Anonymous said...

I can't download it either. It downloads extremely slowly, only a few kbps. I don't have this problem with anything else.

Anonymous said...

I just got the chance to hear the commentary. I was the previous anonymous commenter.

It was pretty funny.

I have been waiting for years to hear a Dune commentary. The only ones on Zarban are pay riffs. Please post it!