Friday, December 4, 2009

Hogan on The Surf on Dec 8th 10pm Bite Tv!

Hey guys.

As is been made public many times, We at TATANS are fans of Bite Tv and we love the friendship we've cultivated over the last year with the station.

It's also pretty evident that I am a rather big wrestling fan. So when Jason announced that they were going to have Hulk Hogan on, I was rather impressed and happy for The Surf.

Despite many factors, Hogan is a rather big deal. Love him or hate him, Hogan is the reason pro wrestling is as big as it is.

I'm sure wrestling fan or not, Agnew's interview with Hogan will be interesting to watch.

And you never know, a familiar voice to TATANS listeners may be chiming in with a question.

So tune in Dec 8th, 10pm on Bite Tv!

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