Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Music The Rocks #4

I'm not familiar with the band Fucked Up.

I know they are somewhat of a local outfit, they are pretty much DIY punkers for the most part and they won the Polaris prize this year (and for any band named Fucked Up, winning any kind of award where they have to announce you is pretty awesome).

But needless to say I did become intrigued when they decided to gather a bunch of musicians various other people to do a rocking cover of "Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas?"

The line up includes The GZA, Andrew W.K., actor David Cross, Tegan and Sara, Bob Mould and more.

And most importantly, the proceeds from the song go to a number of charities dealing with aboriginal women and issues that have not been significantly looked at by the powers that be.

Justice for Missing and Murdered Ingigenous Women
DTES Power of Women Group
Sisters in Spirit

If you can spare the buck, it's worth the download on itunes.

Don't believe me?

Check it out below.

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