Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays and show changes

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you are all stuffed with turkey or ham or whatever it is you're eating during the holiday season.

No complaints here.

Just wanted to post an update for those of you who aren't on the facebook group.

After some discussion, we've decided to tweak the format of the show a little.

No, Adam is still going to be an asshole and yes he will still be saying things that will make his wife wonder why she married him and yes I will still be the glue to hold the show together.

But a good chunk of you have been talking to us about how we could improve the show and we took a lot of the comments into consideration and here's what's going to be happening.

1 Hour Episodes
The first thing we're changing is shortening the length of the episodes. Instead of going a whole two hours, we're going to one hour. Now this change won't necessarily apply to "special" episodes like Anime North or Fan Expo. We are currently debating whether special episodes will be posted in one or two parts but we'll climb that mountain when we get to it. Shortening the episodes will hopefully allow for:

More Episodes
We are hoping that by shortening the episodes, it will allow for us to do more of them. Now Adam and I are also going to be trying to set up a regular schedule for when we would tape. The idea at the moment is to record every second weekend and in the instances where this isn't possible, we'll tape two episodes in one day.

Now keep in mind, these changes won't occur until the taping of our next regular episode. But in the meantime, here's what we've got in store for everyone.

Next Episode: One Year Extravaganza!
Next up to the plate is our one year anniversary episode. We taped this back in November, live at the Fox and Fiddle downtown and honestly, if it sounds good, it will be an episode of awesome. Nerds with Guitars was our house band for the entire night and guests included Jason Agnew from Bite TV (best known to nerds as the guy with the glasses from The Conventioneers), David Poulsen from D.Ace Games and Mike Nicolas from The Anime Round Table. We gave away prizes and it was a crap load of fun.

Up Coming Interviews:
I can confirm that I will be doing a phone interview with Juliet Landau sometime in Janurary. Juliet is probably best known for playing Drusilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the tv show) but has just wrapped production on a small documentary about the creative process of Gary Oldman (yes THAT Gary Oldman) called Taking Flight. Last word was we'd be talking the doccumentry, Buffy and the fact she appeared in the best movie Tim Burton has made, Ed Wood.

Also coming up is an interview with Alex Gamble. Alex is one of the organisers and editors on the fan made Nine Inch Nails' dvd project Another Version Of The Truth that Adam and I discussed about a year ago.

I can also confirm the fact that Adam and I will be appearing at Wizard World Toronto thanks to the wonderful people at Comic Book Daily. We will NOT be doing a show from the event but we will be trying to gather interviews and such and recording around what we get back at the studio.

We will also be attending Anime North and we will be taping a show or two there. We have planned a new segment that should be pretty good.

Put it this way, if you liked "Alex Talking to Hot Chicks" from Fan Expo, you will definitely enjoy something that we're trying to set up for this convention.

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