Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Music That Rocks #2

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that doing a holiday themed album was usually the start of the downward slide of your career?

Well one of the exceptions to this rule has been Twisted Sister.

Yup, the "We're Not Going To Take It" guys.

While not a one hit wonder (they had at least two or three), Twisted Sister was pretty much out the door and disbanded by the times Nirvana kicked the door on top of hair metal. But a couple of years ago they quietly reformed and then shortly after that, they recorded a Christmas album... which not only wasn't bad, it garnered a fair amount of attention (for whatever reason) and actually helped resuscitate their career.

Guess the 4th gift Jesus should have gotten is hairspray.

Without further ado, Twisted Sister with their version of I'll Be Home For Christmas.

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