Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 8 (High Quality)

As we ramp up productions, we're getting these episodes out much faster than before, and are therefore staying considerably more current.

In Episode 8, the Two Assholes spend the first half reminiscing about their Star Trek memories, and all the things they loved and hated about everything Star Trek that has existed prior to 2009.

After the break, we bring on Guestholes Number 2 and 3 to talk about the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film, specifically the things that were loved and hated within it.

In short, an enjoyable bout of Star Trekkin' that you won't hear many other places.

As an update, given that we will be at Anime North all weekend, and likely recording for a considerable portion of it, I have set up an email which will function as a direct line to my iPhone. This address will ONLY be active during Anime North, so there isn't much point spamming it. Further, if it gets misused, I will turn it off.

So, send any ideas, suggestions, or rebuttals to to get your thoughts/rants directly to me during the course of the convention.

Download Episode 8 - iPod Enhanced Version (High Quality)

1 comment:

ACFTM said...

That was a fun listen, even though I know nothing about Star Trek and didn't watch the movie. That last bit was just hilarious. The added sound effect was awesome.

I just had the most weirdest idea with you guys and your guestholes. When you get enough guestholes, you would run some kind of Nerdy Host Club/Cafe kind of thing. There would be a catalogue of guestholes (numbered, of course), and people would request guesthole number so-and-so. That guesthole sees them and goes off to talk about nerdy things and stuff. I think I'm thinking of Anime North too much. o.O Or it's 'cuz I just picture you guys in suits whenever I hear you guys talk.

To comment on pre-Star Trek talk, bootleg restaurants in China? I'm really curious how the food would be like there -- probably filled with MSG (just kidding).