Friday, May 8, 2009

Episode 6 (High Quality)

The Two Assholes finally return, to bring you a mega post. That's right, nerdlets, not only do you get our first Extra (See prior post), but you also get another full episode.

In Episode 6, the Two Assholes spout various wisdom concerning contemporary geeky movies, which inevitably devolve into a retro discussion of movie videogames, and videogame movies.

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ACFTM said...

Yes... I go home on the internet and maintain a site of me doing skimpy cosplay... Lol. Just kidding. And yes, I am self-aware of my quietude. =P

To comment on the previous podcast, format-wise, it was okay. My attention sort of waned halfway through, though -- most likely because you guys were playing Street Fighter 4. In my opinion, it's not too fun watching people play a fighting game for about an hour.

A Mario RTS would be pretty interesting. I think Final Fantasy 6 would make a good movie. There was a cartoon series of Double Dragon? Hehe, a film noir radio drama from you guys would be cool.