Friday, May 1, 2009

Asshole on TV!

Well it's been a busy week for this asshole. Ok, busy day.

So as you guys have probably noticed. I really dig the concept of . I dig where it's coming from, the people who are involved, and I love the radio show and tv show that go along with it.

So when it started going, I emailed Alan about the Assholes doing an interview with him and his crew. He emailed me back saying he'd love to when things died down a bit. This started a process of me emailing every once and a while tidbits of info I'd find, him making a comment and us both laughing.

During one of those email exchanges I volunteered to be a guest on their tv show.

Alan said he'd pass it on to his producer/everything Nathalia. Who emailed me saying she'd check out the podcast and keep me in mind.

A couple of months later, I come home from a late weekend with friends and booze, it's Sunday, I check my mail and lo and behold, I've got an invite to be on Explore Music with Alan Cross taping the following Thurs.

I of course say yes and then tell everyone I know.

So Thursday arrives and suddenly I'm a girl going out for the evening; I have no idea what to wear. I change my outfit twice. Unusual for me.

I get to the studio in Mississauga about a block away from a building I repo'ed at when I was a collector, and I'm quickly brought to the green room because I'm the first one there.

I'm also 15/20 mins early because I didn't want to be late.

Next to arrive is Jeff Woods. He comes in bearing a smile and a hand shake. Jeff has been a main stay voice of rock radio in the Toronto area for a while. He was working at Q107 when I was in school for radio broadcasting...something that gets brought up later.

He then politely asks me (because he didn't get a chance to read the email about who I was) what my deal with getting on the show was. Really cool guy.

I then get sent to make up by producer Jason Agnew.

Now, Jason is also the co-host producer of The Conventioneers and The Surf on Bite Tv as well as a radio show on sirus satilite radio, Live Audio Wrestling. The Law has been a staple for years in the Toronto radio market and being the wrestling nut I am, I have called in, emailed, facebooked, Jason tons of times.

Jason is looking at his notes and he notices my last name.

"So Brent, your last name is Chittenden?"

"Yup. Yes it's me, the guy who writes in all the time."


Jason had seen my name and thought it was the same guy but wasn't sure. Can't blame him either. I explained how I got on to this show, he laughed, I laughed, I feel we bonded a little.

The makeup artist is chatty but in a good way, seems intelligent and very attractive. And familiar.

I find out later, she was the Sunshine Girl from Wednesday paper.

I come back to the green room and Jeff is now talking with Alan and a woman who I assume is Mari (the other guest) and a bald guy who looks really familiar.

Alan looks tired and my first thought is I've been found out, Alan has realised that the dude he's put on his show is the guy stalking him through facebook and email and they've gotten someone else to fill my spot and I am to be dragged to the parking lot and beaten.

Turns out Alan has been suffering from a cough (and guarantees us it isn't the swine flu) and hasn't slept in a few days. Everyone ends up chatting for a bit while various people go for make up. Turns out the bald guy is Mari's husband Trevor who is really cool as well. Mari also seems rather nice.

Mari Dew, as it turns out is a very nice woman who co-owns Pocket Studios, magages and produces bands including Evans Blue.

I think karma may hit me though. Everyone was nice here which may mean someone will stab me at Anime North. I am going to die surrounded by cosplayers.

I digress.

Oddly the conversation turns to the destruction of the auto industry.

We then go tape the show for which I won't spoil anything but two things:

I get two rather good laughs out of everyone.

I get to make fun of Creed on cable tv.

Life is good.

Afterwards I get a quick chance to talk to Jeff again and reveal to him that he and I had sort of worked together.

When I was in college, my production teacher worked at Q and am 640. Jeff was kind enough to lend his voice to my teacher's production assignments. As a result, Jeff Woods is on my demo tape.

All and all, a rather fun day and one I hope to repeat.

You can catch my appearance on Explore Music with Alan Cross starting May 11th at 10pm on Bite Tv. You can then catch it:

Mondays - 10 pm; 1 am; 4 am
Wednesdays - 5 pm
Thursdays - 8 pm
Sundays - 11 pm; 2 am; 5 am

Or on the net at


Everyone watch and maybe they will have me back.


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