Monday, June 22, 2009

General Update

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the interview with Alan Cross that we posted not too long ago.

I know it was a little different for us but I think it's also a realm we'll dive into now and again. I think Alan enjoyed it and even gave us a little plug on his website.

In the meantime, we will be recording a brand new episode this weekend focusing on the new Ghostbusters video game in at least 2 versions.

Now it's time to tease you a little bit.

We have a tentative agreement with a very popular company to provide us with a few guests for the episode(s) we are going to be recording at Fan Expo.

until it's 100% who we are getting I'm going to be a little coy about the details but I will say that one of the guests we have been guaranteed is kind of a biggy for the geek community. Now some hints.

- This person has appeared on The Colbert Report
- They have also been on The Today show.
- They also at one time made a living playing in a band around the NYC/ New Jersey area.

Until next time

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