Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Episode 9 (High Quality)

We're back after a short delay, with our Anime North 2009 episode. Thanks to the good people at TRPA, we were able to get into the geek-fest that is Anime North, and do two live recordings (which Adam has skilfully merged into a single episode) in the middle of crowded public areas.

All in all, a pretty good show. We met some new people, lured some random attractive females on to the show for a few questions, and hopefully gathered a smattering of new listeners.

Keep a look out for the hidden Easter Egg in this Episode. I'm not telling you what or where it is, only that there's a hidden link somewhere in there. Just listen to the episode over and over until you find it.

Download Episode 9 - iPod Enhanced Version (High Quality)


Ashley said...

Good episode guys. The most memorable moment for me would be hearing you guys mention how the girls are "Rapeably Delicious". I knew you guys were different, but ... WOW hahaha.

Jordan said...

Another great episode! Thanks, you never disappoint. I have to echo Ashley "rapeably delicious" had me rolling. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing me a more interesting Anime North podcast.

ACFTM said...

If I could make a cosplay suggestion for Brent since he mentioned he'd be fine wearing armor gear and stuff: Krauser from the anime Detroit Metal City. The character doesn't really wear armor, but plates or something. It's a hilarious series that kinda pokes fun at death metal music.

Anime Hell would probably never have a crazy line for it since it's going on during the Masquerade, but I'd say Anime Hell would be a more entertaining experience.

And I know somebody would would admit to being a hardcore Hello Kitty fan. He was ecstatic about the Hello Kitty MMO being brought over here, lol.