Monday, August 15, 2011

Mystery Asshole Theatre #13 - Street Fighter: The Movie

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is still August, so it is still MAN MONTH. The lack of update last Monday was due to my being on vacation and without internet access. So, you should have had plenty of time to watch last year's Man Month features to stave off femininity.

This week, we bring you a movie that was responsible for the death of a prominent and well-loved actor that was not Brandon Lee. No, this time the Two Assholes, and a few Guestholes got together to watch and lambaste Street Fighter: The Movie, yes, that one.

If you really don't know which actor this movie killed, then you should really just grab some cheese-in-a-can, oil up your chest, and settle into the ass-groove in your favourite piece of furniture for this manly morsel of macho mandom, man man man man man.

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