Monday, August 1, 2011

Mystery Asshole Theatre #12 - Mortal Kombat

In accordance with tradition, the month of August is officially MAN MONTH, and that means commentary tracks to the manliest of manly man movies, by the manliest of manly man men, the Two Assholes, plus those guests of theirs that are considered sufficiently manly to participate.

This week, we have been joined by our good friend John Pollock, from the Fight Network, to relive some of our best memories of the '90s by providing us with some MMA-style fight calling for Mortal Kombat. The rest of us just provide our usual commentary, which is equally enjoyable.

So sit back and enjoy our machismo filled repartée and relive one of the coolest movies that the '90s, and video games, ever gave us.

PS - Before anyone asks, yes the rest of the Star Wars commentaries are coming, but we like keeping you in suspense. Also, MAN MONTH, goddamnit.


Walt said...

I may have mentioned it before, a good B Movie to watch is Lesbian Vampire Killers. Not sure if this would fall under Man Month or not? Its two nerds trying to be Men.

Osias R. Barliso Jr said...

thanks for sharing this blog...