Saturday, June 26, 2010

Episode 23 (High Quality)

It's difficult to get all 5 Guestholes together with us for an episode, but there's not much better to do it than a movie for which all of us had high expectations. To counter the craptacularity that was Clash of the Titans, the Two Assholes decided to organize another movie episode. This time, we went out to see Kick-Ass.

It wouldn't do any of us very well to tell you right now what we thought of it, so best to have a listen. As always with our movie episodes, if you want the authentic experience, listen to the first half prior to seeing the movie, go out and watch it during the break, and then come back to listen to our debrief.

In any event, you will want to have seen the movie prior to hearing the latter half of the episode, as we tend to play fast and loose with spoilers.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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ACFTM said...

I finally got a chance to watch Kick-A**. I agree that Hit-Girl was awesome. I personally like strong female characters. And I was kinda expecting some reaction from those Asian cooks when Kick-A** was looking for that cat.

I can kinda see Hit-Girl being in a sequel but it'd be those sort of plots where something disrupts her living her life, like Marcus gets kidnapped/killed or somebody finds that comic of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. There could also be those other plots where Red Mist goes crazy and abducts young girls, dresses them up as Hit-Girl, kills them, and publicly states that he won't stop until the real Hit-Girl shows up or something. Or it could be something on a smaller scale like the school principal taking bribes/stealing money/something evil, which somehow affects her school life.

I think I wrote too much. Anywho, that was a fun listen. :p