Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help get us on TV...again...

Hey everyone, time to rally the troops!

Bite TV and The Conventioneers are looking at doing another live tv event much like they did last year.

And they've asked for who their fans want to have on.

So here's where all 62 of you come in and your friends.

I want you to go to The Conventioneers fan page on facebook and demand that we are brought on the show as Anime/Nerd experts.

The link to the page is!/group.php?gid=2260268847

What's in it for you?

Well I'm not one of those guys who asks of people without offering something in return so here's the deal. I will have prizes for the following:

1) First Person to post on the conventioneers page asking for us to be on the show.

2) Best written post explaining to the conventioneers why they should have us on the show.

3) The person who gets the most people to go on to the conventioneers facebook page and demand that TATANS be part of the show! (for this one you will have to send me an email listing the people you got to do this for you. All of these people MUST be friends of yours on facebook so it can be verrified)

All entries must be done with respect to The Conventioneers (ie don't threaten them or do anything retarded) but other then that be creative. Post youtube videos, sing songs, whatever you want, just help us get on the show.

What kind of prizes you may be asking?

Currently I'm sitting on a stack of dvds from Anchor Bay home entertainment, trade paperbacks and some rpg books from Blue Beetle Comics.

All prizes can be mailed to you or picked up at Anime North.

Help make this happen!



ACFTM said...

Finally got a chance to listen to this, and it was fun, as usual.

I used to have Contra 4, but sold it away, 'cuz it was too hard... I think the Konami code still worked for the original Contra game in Contra 4, but I don't remember there being any code like that for Contra 4. It was really hilarious playing it multiplayer for one stage where you had to go higher by jumping on platforms. If you go higher and your friend is at the bottom of the level, your friend dies automatically because the bottom part becomes like a "pit".

I tried playing Boy and His Blob on the NES and didn't really understand it... or more of where I had to go.

That plagiarism news was pretty hilarious, especially after looking at the images.

I've never played Perfect Dark (never owned an N64), so I am looking forward to your next episode. :)

ACFTM said...

Sorry, that comment was meant for episode 19 -- that's what I get for commenting this early, lol... anywho, I hope you do get on TV :)