Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 20 (High Quality)

It's been a little while since the last episode, but the wait is over, and was entirely worth it. As is the TATANS tradition, being a fifth episode, we've put together a video episode for your enjoyment.

This time around the Two Assholes got together with Guestholes 2 and 3 (Alex Krueger and Sean May) to do a little comparison between Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64, and the HD re-release on Xbox Live Arcade. In short, we sat down and played video games for an hour or so, and talked about it all.

Be prepared to be filled with feelings of nostalgia, and be further willing to shell out the Microsoft Points to go buy the XBLA Perfect Dark, as you may have the inclination to do so once you watch us go through it.

1 comment:

ACFTM said...

That was an interesting watch. Thanks for saying who was who in the beginning, since that really helped link the comments to what was happening on the screen. It looks like a game where I would die many, many times.

The last match was really cool, and the music just added to the intense atmosphere, lol.