Friday, October 2, 2009

A weird thing happened on the way to production

These days, Hollywood has two speeds. Really fast or really slow. Sometimes really slow ends up being so slow that it kills a movie entirely.

And then other times it mutates.

Enter The Tooth Fairy. Watch the trailer but stay with me. It'll be a bit painful but there's a point.

Why the hell would I post up a trailer for this movie? It is not aimed at my demographic nor does it look particularly good.

The reason is, this is a script that has been floating around Hollywood for years and it's amazing to see even by the trailer how much of it has changed since my initial encounter.

How long and how much you ask?

Well initially when I first saw the script, this was back probably the late 90's (I'm going to guess around 1997). The film was to star Arnold Schwarzeneger but as a marine who inherits the mantle of The Toothy Fairy from an estranged father he had never met. If I'm not mistaken it was originally lined up for after End of Days (Arnie wanted to make a light movie after the really "dark and serious" action film where he shoots the devil with a grenade launcher).

But alas Arnie tended to line up a lot of movies, hold them off until he wants to do them or the script was perfect or whatever. Other movies that he was supposed to do include:

I Am Legend (if I'm not mistake, to be directed by Ridley Scott)

Planet of the Apes remake (I believe this was before Tim Burton came aboard but either way, bullet dodged)


The Inglourious Basterds (originally was meant for The 80's action set to star in, including Stallone and Bruce Willis but we get their reunion in The Expendables and Basterds was awesome without them so win win.)

As you can see from that list, things can change. In the over ten years since I heard of the Tooth Fairy film, it went through 5 screen writers and changed froma marine who inherits the Tooth Fairy mantle to a hockey player who get's stuck being a tooth fairy.

Just figured you might find it interesting.

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