Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TATANS checks out the Sony Holiday Preview.

Adam and I have often mentioned that Evan Fraser is one of our favorite guestholes.

And for good reason. Polite guy, always up for a podcast, occasionally brings his PS3 over for game reviews and always bring booze with him.

As he would say, he's good people.

So when Evan got Adam and I invites to check out Sony's Holiday Game Preview event in downtown Toronto, needless to say he earned a few bonus points.

Being kind of new to this sort of stuff, have to say, I found it pretty cool. A bunch of nice tv's set up with comfy couches, the finger foods were pretty spiffy but we'll get to that later.

So... the games.

Tekken 6
Well what can I say, it ain't broke so they haven't fixed it. It's the same game it has been since Tekken 3 just shinier. The graphics are great, some of the characters are ridiculous but I must admit I do love the fact I can have a fight between a Grizzly Bear and a Panda.

Come on, that's a fight that Don King should promote!

Tony Hawk: Ride
For those of you who forgot about this game (as I had), it's the new Tony Hawk game that comes with it's own board. It's fun... in a wii game sort of way. It requires a decent amount of balance but I did like the fact you do have to push off with a foot like an actual skateboard. Graphics were good, game play fun, only real drawback, you have to buy a new peripheral.

It's a game by Activision so of course I ask

"Where's Modern Warfare 2?"

Apparently there was a scheduling conflict with the demo...which sounded weird to me and disappointed me greatly as it is a title I am really looking forward to.

Lego Rock Band
I was a little surprised at how cool this version of Rock Band is. Sure it's track listing is very family friendly but you get to play with virtual Lego a bit (for instance, we had a werewolf as a drummer) and seeing Lego Iggy Pop and Lego David Bowie is fucking awesome.

DJ Hero
I got to play as Daft Punk. I was happy. The game play is what you expect and becomes almost second nature when you get the hang of it. My wrist kind of hurt at the end of it though as the controller is not really ergonomic.

Band Hero
Lousy song selection, nothing new here, not going to bother with it.

James Cameron's Avatar
The game looks good (I was told the demo we were playing was pretty close to final build) but they didn't have the 3D up and running which I really wanted to see. The script writer for the game assured me it was awesome. He also took about 20 minutes and described how the entire game came together and how much involvement Cameron had with it. Apparently Jimmy came to Ubisoft about two months into pre-production so Ubisoft has had the entire time to work on it. It plays very similar to Lost Planet but with a higher gloss and smother movements.

Hey there's little boxes of Chinese food! Awesome.

God of War 3
Holy crap this game is gory. Like Tarintino making a movie with Takashi Miike and Eli Roth level of gory. The game itself is pretty much the same as the other God of War games but holy crap, just filled with blood and guts. If there is a blood and guts award for video games, God of War 3 has my vote.

Heavy Rain
It's choose your own adventure the video game. It's kind of a detective game and has a lot of potential to be really different and really cool...or a bucketfull of boring. Might be worth taking a look at the full version later on.

Hey it's our favorite nerd hottie Carol Zara from Digitally Blonde!

We talk shop for a few minutes before she heads off to make more introductions and play some games herself. A little disappointed she didn't wear her knee high socks but it was raining and a little chilly out so I guess it's understandable.

Did I mention we have some news in the very near future regarding Miss Zara and the boys of TATANS?


Well I just did. More info to come.

Sonic Racing...or something
Just the world needs, another Mario Kart clone. Sonic, when will you learn that just because Mario does it, doesn't mean you can do it or need to do it.

If Mario jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge Sonic?

Judging by this game, yes, yes you would.

Oooo two bite roast beef sandwiches.

Dragon Ball Z whatever fighting game
See Tekken 6 review...just more so. Fuck, does someone really care about this game?

Pad Thai in a little Chinese food box? Don't mind if I do.

Katamari Forever
Once again same old shtick as the last versions...well except you can play this cell-shaded which looks pretty cool but once again you have a big ball, you roll it around and pick crap up. It's kind of like being homeless with a round shopping cart.

Assassin's Creed 2
Did not get a chance to play it but man it looks sweet.

And that was about. We gathered up Evan and soon to be heard new guesthole Brandon, went over and said our good byes to Carol who gave us hugs. Not only is she incredibly attractive but she's also really nice. She congratulated Adam on his marriage and off the nerdholes went to grab even more food.

Man, I might have to get a gym membership if I keep going to these things.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when I use to get excited about new videogames. Lately, it seems to be re-branded shit over and over. Lego Rock Band yes neat, but once you get further than that it is one shot. I want a Holiday season that I could be remotely pee-my-pants excited about a game. This lack of originality is probably why I don't play or review games as much as I used to. It might also be the WoFW stupor I've been in for the past 2 years. Awesome TATAs was at the preview, but sad it's the same crap from 2 years ago.