Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Episode 3

The Two Assholes make their triumphant return to the very small screen with the First Annual Assies: Adam and Brent's picks for the best and worst nerdy things from the year 2008. Be forewarned, however, that, in addition to being filled with win and all other such things awesome, this episode is also the longest that we've ever done, at just over 2 hours long. As such, you may want to take a sick day or something just to take it all in.

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ACFTM said...

That was a fun listen. I'm curious about what games Adam actually owns now. And I must thank you guys for recommending Crooked Little Vein. I've started reading it and am enjoying it immensely. Ellis' choice of words can be so interesting, especially for somebody with a visual imagination like me. =P