Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alan Cross and Exploring Music

Just wanted to share a favorite site with you guys. I know I've plugged it on the podcast a little but I figured I'd go a bit more in depth on why you should check it out. is a website for finding new music and new music news.

That's the simple version.

It's head "music geek" is Alan Cross who has been the host/writer and god knows what else on The Ongoing History of New Music (probably the best show in regards to modern rock) for years as well as program director at a number of Ontario radio stations, most notably Edge 102 in Toronto.

What makes this site worth checking out is the passion that all of it contributor's seem to have for finding music and sharing it with people. Alan apparently gave up his decent position as the Edge's program director to start the whole thing.

Anyone who knows me or has been in a room with me for more then ten minutes, knows I'm a huge fan of music....okay my friends refer to me as a music Nazi. But I love the idea behind a website where people give their honest opinions on what you should hear instead of just jumping on the next big thing band wagon.

Check it out.

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