Saturday, June 16, 2012

Episode 32

Ok, so the delay on this one is seriously my bad.  Between work and home being insanely busy, I had to contend with audio difficulties on this episode, as it was part of an experimental distance recording.  This would have turned out fine if I had used a headset, rather than a microphone in my free hand (don't ask what the other was doing).  On the upside, you can totally hear Brent clearly.

This episode was recorded some time ago, but is mostly speculative of things upcoming, so all of the things that we were looking forward to then are much closer now, which makes it far easier to handle waiting for them to finally arrive.  So, without further ado, the latest episode of TATANS.

As an aside, if anyone has audio promos for podcasts, send them along, as we always have at least one break in the show to accommodate a plug.  The Anime Roundtable used to get our advertising, but they've been dead in the water for some time, so their loss can be your gain!

Download Episode 32 - iPod Enhanced Version

1 comment:

Ironix said...

Yay! Welcome back, you two. And I have to say to Adam: you've still got it (this is me referring to your line about what your other hand was busy doing).

This was a fun listen. That reboot idea on Harry Potter was amazing -- I want to watch that movie now, hahaha. Or play a video game like it.

What was that TV show that Brent mentioned -- the one that was like a modern-day Robin Hood-Ocean's 11 kind of show? It sounded like Leopard, but I'm sure that's not right...

The only TV show (cartoon) I've watched recently and would recommend is Adventure Time. It's pretty geeky and funny.

I've been avoiding watching actual TV for the reason that there seems to be a good amount of good shows these days, though I may suck it up and start Game of Thrones, 'cuz all my friends say I would enjoy it.

The only video game that I'm looking forward to right now is Persona 4: Arena for the PS3. And Dynasty Warriors Empire 7 (even though it's basically the same game over and over). And Episode 2 of the Walking Dead game. I'll probably get Borderlands 2 as well, but I'm not actively waiting for it.

Hahaha, sorry that this comment is so long.

Anywho, glad to hear another episode, and looking forward to the next one ;)