Thursday, March 29, 2012

Distant Worlds: The Music Of Final Fantasy With Arnie Roth

As regulars to the show are probably fully aware of, I'm not a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I've played the first NES game and a bit of 7 but beyond that, I'm not a player.

Last year, I had the oppertunity to check out Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy (which is coming to Toronto Saturday March 31). The tickets were a gift, my girlfriend loves the series, so why not.

And I completely enjoyed myself.

As a music nut, it was hard not to be impressed by the skill of the musicians involved as well as the music itself. Fast forward to this week and I got the chance to talk to Arnie Roth. Arnie's not a household name but his a Grammy winner, he's worked with everyone from the Irish Tenors to Barbie (ok...maybe not worked with but he did do the score for a number of Barbie films) and he's the conductor/arranger on the current Distant Worlds tour.

We spoke for around 24 minutes and one thing was made clear, he really loves the music he's performing.

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Ironix said...

That was an interesting listen. I agree that Final Fantasy music is music that can be enjoyed by non-players (my sister doesn't play Final Fantasy and she enjoyed the concert).

It would be so awesome to have a marathon concert here!

Hehe, thanks for posting this. :)