Monday, February 27, 2012

Radio Free TATANS Ep #1

The very first episode of Radio Free TATANS!


Ironix said...

First off: Half Welcome Back! (half, since your "other half" wasn't present, lol) ;)

This was pretty neat. I'm always happy to get exposure on new music, and I haven't heard of many of these artists. I really enjoyed the cover songs, and instrumental track, and the one before it (forgot what it was called).

One day your inbox may be filled with anime / video game / Japanese metal music (of course, just tell me to stop if you can't take it). Anywho, cool stuff :)

Guesthole #3 said...

All we hear is Radio-TATANS.
Radio what's new/old/obscure?
Radio, someone still loves you.

Freddie: that someone is Brent.