Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage dvd review and other thing

So apparently a lot of people like Rush. I know this now because my review of Beyond the Lighted Stage is still constantly clicked on, two months later.

With that in mind, sometimes it's interesting to check out a movie at home for a second viewing and see if it still stands up. I'll be honest, I rather liked Episode 1 the first viewing, it was only on subsequent viewings that the parts that sort of bugged me in theater became glaringly bad.

With that in mind, I got my hands on the 2 disc dvd version of Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage and was happy to find that the experience still stands up. My intial review of the film is still 100% in tune with my current opinion after watching the dvd. I still love the movie, my Dad currently has my copy in line for watching it and I'm waiting to hear his views (I didn't mention it in my initial review because it's a little anecdotal. Alex and Geddy from Rush group in roughly the same neighborhood as my Dad. At this time we have determined that all three went to the same junior high at approximately the same time and close to the same grade. This film has thrown an interesting mystery as my Dad doesn't remember either of them).

So there you go, the movie is still awesome. But what about the dvd?

The dvd is pretty awesome. Picture clarity is really good, sound quality in 5.1 is also really decent, especially during the performance pieces.

As for extras, there is a bunch of extended scenes, interviews and performances that I really enjoyed. These are truely fun to watch for two reasons. The first is that it shows a bit of how skilled film makers Sam Dunn and Scott McFayden are. While these scenes are interesting (I loved the bit about their hobbies) not only can you understand why they were taken out but in some cases you can see how the guys cherry picked the right moments out of an extended sequence.

Over all, if you are a fan of music docs, this one belongs on your shelf.

Our good friends at Explore Music, Jeff Woods and Alan Cross both have rather interesting stories with Rush.

Check out Alan's take on how Rush influenced a key decision in his life at his Explore Music blog.

And not to be left out, our good friend Jeff Woods recently sat down with Geddy and Alex and discussed the film, touring, life and music. Here's a taste of it:

You can find the entire interview here.

By the way, the movie completely converted me. I've picked up and started to listen to a lot of Rush since May.

Surprisingly, one of my favorite tracks is one from their 90's album Counterparts. Here's a live performance of Animate.

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