Monday, February 22, 2010

Episode 18 - Part 3

We're back with the third part of the 2nd Annual Assies, celebrating the best and worst of nerditude from 2009.

This is part 3 of 4, so we should be bringing you new (and equally entertaining) content in very short order. Nevertheless, we start to get to the juicy bits, including perennial favourite categories: Nerd Man and Woman of the Year, as well as their counterparts: Douche and Douchette of the Year.

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ACFTM said...

Another interesting listen. Unfortunately, I had listened to this weeks ago, so I don't remember much of the conversations, so I can't comment on much, 'cept that I had also listened to "Pussy" before (my boyfriend's a Rammstein fan), and didn't care much for it. :p