Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 14 (High Quality)

After a considerable absence (due primarily to Adam's wedding), the Two Assholes are back, and better than ever. Well, more correctly, their combined level of awesome has been always been at its highest, so technically, they can't possibly be better than before.

In any event, they're back to discuss the many nerdy things they're looking forward to this Christmas, and as usual, they will then proceed to get lost on some tangents. The end result, however, is entertainment, and isn't that all that really matters?

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ACFTM said...

That was a fun listen, as always. I agree with Adam about the annoyance of multicard co-op for handheld games. Before I got a flash card, sometimes I'd end up owning 2 of the same game so that somebody can play with me.

One game I'm playing immensely right now is Demon's Souls for the PS3, and it is so fun and tough. There are also some pretty neat online multiplayer aspects. If one of you ever gets a PS3, I'd gladly lend it to you to try out. There's no offline co-op, but it makes sense for that game -- splitscreening of any sort would raise the chances of you dying and having two players stuck in the same screen could be fatal as well. :p

I honestly don't think that the PSPGo should exist as well as the DSi; PSPGo because it doesn't take UMDs, and DSi because it's region-locked. :/

If you guys ever release a CD of your shows (I almost have enough to burn a DVD of you guys) and you include dildos as bonus, you should get them custom-made to be your exact sizes. I am of course joking and please forget I just said that. :p