Monday, September 21, 2009

DVD Review: The Hillarious House of Frightenstein: Bats, Bones and Creepy Poems

Hey boys and ghouls.
Back when I was a young lad, I got up at around 6am every Saturday morning for a hat-trick of awesome. From 6 until 7:30 was Voltron and Robotech but what opened up my morning was the slightly scary visage of Vincent Price opening The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

This somewhat low-budget comedy show based out of Hamilton's CHCH was really interesting and well written, especially for a kid's show.

The 130 episodes (apparently all film within a nine month period) were all opened and held vignettes with Vincent Price which Anchor Bay has now collected some of the best bits into Bats, Bones and Creepy Poems.

Man this not only took me back but I was surprised out well written these pieces are. Kid's live action television could learn a lot from this dvd alone. It's witty, funny and does not talk down to it's audience. Sure some of the references are now dated like their version of The Wolfman (not sure how many kids would know who Wolfman Jack is let alone a parody of Wolfman Jack) but it still seems to hold up.

The disc itself appears to have cleaned up the footage a bit or at least I assume it has because the image is quite good for television footage froma small television station from 1971. But I must admit I was a little dissapointed that there was no extras on the disc. This might be due to Anchor Bay also putting out box sets of entire episodes or in part to the lack of actors now available due to passing away.

If you get a chance and walk a little down nostaligia lane, take a gander at this disc when it hits stores on October 13th.

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