Saturday, March 28, 2009

Episode 5 (High Quality)

If you're one of those people who normally just casually listens to our raving in the background while being otherwise productive, then you're really going to be missing out on this one.

The Two Assholes, with our first ever Guesthole, Evan Fraser, decide to dig into videogames a bit more than usual, and take you all along for the ride. So, to commemorate the release of Street Fighter 4 we've got fucking gameplay video.

The additional benefit to this one is that, because we have our guards down playing videogames, you can see the way we really react to nerdy stuff before we have a chance to think about it.

Warning, this High Quality file is roughly 600MB in size, due to the fact that you're getting an hour and a half or so of pure unadulterated video goodness, in addition to our regular unadulterated awesome.

1 comment:

ACFTM said...

Yay for mentioning Mother/Earthbound and Devil Summoner 2. Did Evan pre-order Devil Summoner 2 so he could get the bonus Raiho plushie? I would totally listen to a podcast about the Mother series. =P

I personally didn't enjoy Street Fighter IV. Nothing about it really interested me. It just made me want to play Street Fighter II.