Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Movie Trivia #1

Hi everyone.As we know I am a wealth of movie and music trivia...none of it very usefull but amusing at parties when everyone's drunk.
Well now you're sober and I have decided to share these tidbits, once a week, on facebook and on the nerdhole blog (speaking of which, subscribe to the podcast at )
Now on to your useless gift, please feel free to pass it on to others.
I am a huge John Carpenter fan. I love Halloween, the original The Fog, Escape from New York and Carpenter's The Thing.
I am also aware that some of his movies are very dated.
Like one of my favorites, Big Trouble in Little China.
great humor, action and Kurt Russel and his mullet.

But what tops these things is the music video for the theme song.

Not only is this a terrible 80's music video, not only is John Carpenter in it himself looking like a complete jackass by the end, but he brought one of his buddies along for the ride.

The guy with the curly black hair/perm thing?

Nick Castle. Nick has written a ton of movies you've seen and forgot moments later. His latest was August Rush...that crappy boy dumped by musical geniuses to become musical genius and reunite his family movie.
But he's best known for the first man to don the mask of Micheal Myers in Halloween...
and now this video.

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