Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best responce to the Watchman legal proceedings

I have no real understanding of the American legal system. I also find it bizarre that Warner Bros could have done full filming of the Watchmen film and not realised that a possible legal issue surrounding the distribution rights existed.

The fact that Fox realised this and pulled the dick move of film history is interesting and sad all at the same time.

That being said, Daniel O'Brien over at (yup the crappy mad magazine rip off has become a half decent humor site) has written about it in a way that do the most justice to the situation.

Check it out


Walt said...

Fox is a dick. look at what they have done to TV over the years.
Oh, foe th assies nomminees how about Hans Reiser. Worst/Best (depends how you look at it) representation of a nerd. Used his social ineptness as a defence for killing his wife. A sad momnet in nerd history makes us all look bad.

Walt said...

Sorry for spelling mistakes on my last comment. I was typing in a hurry.