Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 1

"Adam Grant and Brent Chittenden are the aforementioned Two Assholes. In their opening foray, they discuss Fallout 3, Cybersex with Fat Chicks, Thor, Rodimus Prime, and various other shit that you're really not suppose to mention in polite company."

What this really means is that you, lucky viewer, get to see precisely what kind of garbage goes through the minds of these Two Assholes, as well as our opinions and reflections on geeky stuff, breasts, and anything that could be classed as "awesome", or "full of win".

Seriously, though, we hope that you enjoy our rantings and ravings as much as we do.

1 comment:

Urban Folk said...

Apart from the fact that this podcast solidifies my theory that neither of you (but especially Adam) will not die a natural death, I thought it was the height of artistic integrity and genius. Okay, I'm spreading it on thick. But my new goal in life is to score a cameo on that show. It would be better than a cameo on Family Guy (or, contrarily, The Simpsons ten years ago).